Alternative-Read Interview with Gary Grossman & Ed Fuller

Red Hotel by Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller brings to life, in a thrilling novel, the dangers of soft targets.  Using his past experiences as an overseer of Marriott International’s Global Security Strategy, and now President of the Irvine, California-based Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium that provides business consulting services to corporations and [...]

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Suspense Magazine talks to Ed & Gary about RED Hotel

Q:  Your book starts off with a bang. Literally, when the Kensington Royal Hotel in Tokyo is bombed. As in real life, hotels are now ideal targets for terrorists. Why? Ed Fuller:  Hotels are called “soft targets” when compared to Embassies, military bases, etc.  In international countries, American branded hotels become targets.  Condoleezza Rice [...]

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RED Hotel on “Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick”

“Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick." Gary Grossman, is an EMMY award winning producer, acclaimed journalist and one of the great thriller writers of our time. His latest novel Red Hotel, co-written by its inspirational hero Ed Fuller, will prove without a doubt that fiction is too often more truthful than the reality reported. [...]

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